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Stuart Itkin

Vice President

As our first blog entry for 2015, we thought it appropriate to highlight our new partner programs launched in 1Q15.

While the following focuses mainly on our life sciences hub, subsequent entries will discuss Medical Devices, Healthcare and Aerospace & Defense.

Starting Close to Home:

Exostar is headquartered just outside of Washington, DC in Northern Virginia.  Just a few hours north, the Philadelphia main line is where many of the bio/pharma application providers live, work and create solutions.  So I started there!  Since I knew the area from my engineering school years at Villanova, it was the natural place.

Then it was off (sometimes virtually) to California and the Silicon Valley, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Georgia, Texas, back to Virginia, then the UK, Italy, Japan … a global effort focused on improving security, collaboration, efficiency and speed to market in the life sciences industry.  It was a particularly difficult chore spending a few days on the Monterrey Peninsula last July working at my task … but the gourmet cuisine at the Portola softened the blow.

Exciting Results:

The results have been exciting and extraordinary – as the Exostar Life Sciences Community Hub is fulfilling its promise as THE industry collaboration zone where bio/pharmaceutical companies, solution providers, independent researchers, academia, CROs and others can work toward a common industry goal: a user friendly, economical infrastructure that facilitates the rapid and successful delivery of life-changing products to market without compromising intellectual property and trade secrets.

The Exostar partner program is expanding exponentially in both raw numbers and geography.  

We’ve barely made it past January and already 2015 is shaping up to a busy year!
•Numerous strategic partnership agreements already signed or in process
•A sponsor community consisting of some of the biggest names in the industry, such as Merck and AstraZeneca, that continues to push us to bring more connected applications to the hub
•Additional sponsor organizations and CROs are joining rapidly, as our program expands into the medical devices and healthcare industries.

Look for some big announcements over the next few months around Exostar’s partnerships with the largest names in the life sciences and healthcare industries.

We’ll also be easy to track, as you’ll find us and our partners at these events early this year:
•Merck Symposium
•Whitehall IAM in the UK

Make sure to follow our blog and Twitter feeds to stay up to date on the BIG events we are planning as the industry comes to DC for the DIA show June 15-19.

Exostar hubs support over 100,000 organizations, and are sponsored by some of the largest names in the game.  We are becoming The Cloud of Clouds, so if you’re in one of our segments and you are not connected to THE hub, you’re missing out on an opportunity to expand your business quickly and efficiently.

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