Every CEO believes that their people are their most important asset. Unfortunately, they are the least understood and most underused asset in every company. According to The State of Community Management, less than 20% of a company’s employees share their insights, connections and capabilities: inputs that could help make the larger organization more successful. That means 80% of your company’s valuable knowledge is unknown and unshared. This “knowledge gap” handicaps the success of your sales, development, and business performance.

Think about it. All the cost and waste that could be avoided if there were a place in every organization to find help and get the job done. The numbers associated with this lost effort are staggering:

  • Knowledge workers spend 16% of their time searching for information.
  • Knowledge workers can’t find the information they need 44% of the time.
  • Knowledge workers spend 90% of their time recreating work that was already done.
  • Assuming an average 40 hour work week and an $100k annual salary, then the annual cost of wasted time searching but not finding information is $7,000 per employee.
  • An organization employing 1,000 knowledge workers wastes over $7M annually searching for information.

What if you had effortless and ongoing access to 100% of your company’s knowledge to accelerate your business?

WhoKnows has built such a solution for organizations of all sizes. WhoKnows automatically builds a smart enterprise network for your entire company: for every employee, we automatically generate a detailed list of what they’ve worked on and map the trusted, business relationships they have that can help the company. In addition, WhoKnows contextually recommends the best colleague to help in any search engine, web app, or CRM. The result?

  • Improve product development and innovation by at least 25% with a reduction in redundant work and an increase in collaboration across departments.
  • Sales reps are 67% more likely to get a meeting with a prospect with a warm intro from a trusted colleague.
  • 25% more sales conversions with better knowledge access and reuse by instantly finding the best colleague to answer your customers questions.

WhoKnows can start your own smart enterprise network in minutes, not days.
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