Identity, Operational Resilience, and the Management of Third-Party Access

While collaboration is key to business success, the distributed nature of supply chains –involving global, multi-tiered ecosystems of suppliers, partners and other third parties – can make them vulnerable to cyber-attacks.   

For cross-organization collaboration, a holistic approach to digital identity can reduce the risks associated with opening your network to suppliers, business partners and customers. Read how a strong Identity and Access Management (IAM) solution, such as Exostar Access: One, can help keep data safe without disrupting collaboration.     

Topics covered in this white paper:  

  • The cost of a data breach and its impact on the supply chain 
  • The impact of identity on cyber risk 
  • Multi-organizational networks and the regulatory landscape 
  • The pivotal role of Identity Access Management (IAM) in supply chain security and operational resilience 
  • Enterprise and third-party risk management 
  • Security incident report and information sharing 
  • Guidance for securing third-party access 

Organizations reviewing operational resilience regulation and best practice have an opportunity to evaluate their security infrastructure and the role it plays in enabling secure collaboration (both inside and outside of their corporate boundaries). Combining this with a review of emerging capabilities for third-party access governance and supply chain security provides a strong foundation on which to define your strategy for collaboration and digital transformation throughout your supply chain.  

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