Key webinar takeaways include:
  • Streamlined creation and maintenance of policies compliant with NIST 800-171
  • Effective use of AI-powered tools to evaluate and improve existing policies
  • Overview of Exostar's CMMC Ready Suite for an all-encompassing compliance solution
Elevate your compliance game, navigate the complexities of NIST 800-171 with policy templates, and prime your organization for CMMC evaluations and third-party assessors. Exostar PolicyPro offers a comprehensive, AI-enhanced cloud solution that simplifies NIST/CMMC-compliant policy creation, evaluation, and maintenance for novices and seasoned compliance professionals.
Remember: CMMC third-party assessors will mandate thorough documentation of your organization's policies. Formulating these policies sets the foundation for your SSP and ensures you can work toward this requirement seamlessly with Exostar PolicyPro.

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