Microsoft's 'Meet Me' Tenant and Exostar Secure Access: Raising the Bar for Secure Collaboration

Need help with data security while maintaining effective compliant collaboration with minimal friction? In this webinar, gain insights from Richard Wakeman, Chief Architect Aerospace and Defense at Microsoft, and Kevin Hancock, Director of Sales Engineering at Exostar, on balancing these challenges using a 'Meet Me' Tenant solution approach. Watch to access valuable strategies for secure collaboration, accelerated compliance, and cost reduction. 

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  1. Secure Collaboration: Microsoft's 'Meet Me' Tenant and Exostar Secure Access solutions empower organizations to collaborate effectively while ensuring robust data protection and compliance.
  2. Compliance Standards: These solutions support high-watermark compliance requirements such as CMMC, NIST 800-171, and FedRAMP Moderate Equivalent.
  3. Shared Responsibility: Microsoft provides compliance responsibility through its products, while Exostar aids companies in meeting 85 of 110 NIST controls, fostering a shared approach to compliance.
  4. Efficiency in Implementation: According to Wakeman, implementing a secure external collaboration system can be time and cost-efficient with the right technical expertise and support from partners like Exostar.
  5. User Training & Policy Enforcement: The importance of policy enforcement, end-user training, and the role of Exostar in accelerating compliance timeframes and reducing costs were key points in the discussion.
  6. Strong Authentication: Exostar provides strong multi-factor authentication, enhancing the security of the collaboration platform. 

Driving Secure Collaboration and Maintaining High-Standard Compliance 

Empower collaboration while protecting data with Microsoft and Exostar. These solutions are designed with compliance at their core, accounting for export controls and related mandates. Microsoft provides the backing of a contractual agreement to support high-watermark compliance requirements, encompassing requirements such as those found in CMMC, NIST 800-171, and FedRAMP High. As part of this arrangement, there's a shared responsibility for compliance. Microsoft shoulders a majority of the compliance responsibility, while the customer fulfills the remainder. In this setup, Exostar plays a pivotal role in helping companies meet their remaining scope of responsibility more quickly and effectively. 

Safeguarding Data and Optimizing Collaboration with Exostar 

Establishing external collaboration may necessitate an extended timeframe given its complexities above and beyond internal collaboration. Still, when done properly, it's an investment that yields significant returns in securing data and streamlining workflows. The 'Meet Me' tenant is vital to this security structure. Much like an Extranet or DMZ, it functions as a protective barrier for your tenant and its data, which might include personally identifiable information and intellectual property. This environment is logically segmented and isolated, ensuring a secure container for your operations. Exostar offers secure multi-factor authentication methods to enhance the platform's security further. Beyond these technical aspects, if a company decides to venture alone, there are other challenges, including policy enforcement and end-user training. With Exostar's expertise and managed service deployment model, companies can circumvent these complexities, accelerating their time to compliance and substantially reducing costs. 

Streamline Your Operations with Secure Collaboration Today 

Don't let the complexity of secure external collaboration slow you down. Contact us today to explore how Microsoft and Exostar's innovative solutions can streamline your operations and enhance security. Let us guide you toward efficient, compliant, and secure collaboration with your customers, suppliers, partners, and other third parties. 

Our Speakers

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Richard Wakeman

Richard Wakeman is the Senior Director of Aerospace & Defense for Azure Global Engineering, and is the commercial industry lead for Azure Government, Microsoft’s cloud solution specifically engineered to meet US government compliance and security requirements. He specializes in the Defense Industrial Base adopting cloud services from Microsoft and is the Program Manager for the Microsoft Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) Acceleration Program. Richard engages with Microsoft partners and customers end-to-end from engineering to drive adoption of Azure Government, Microsoft 365 GCC High and Dynamics 365 GCC High as solutions within the Microsoft US Sovereign Cloud.

Richard joined Microsoft in 2007 as a developer, identity and messaging expert at the dawn of Microsoft Online Services. Shortly after joining, he was engaged by the Exchange Product Group to lead cloud deployments worldwide for Live@edu as part of the Exchange Labs program, the predecessor of Office 365. He led the charge for integration of MCS and Premier services with cloud offerings, becoming a Senior Architect for the Microsoft Enterprise Services Business Productivity Global Domain Solution Architecture Office. During the decade tenure in professional services, Richard had impact in deploying over 100 million seats into the Microsoft cloud. He deployed the first Microsoft cloud customers, to include the first million seat organization in the public multi-tenant cloud to the first Government Community Cloud customer.



Kevin Hancock

Kevin Hancock has over 20 years experience in secure collaboration with distributed teams and partners in highly regulated markets. He has led Sales Engineering, Customer Success, and Professional Services Teams across a broad technology spectrum including Agile Development and DevOps tools and practices; Zero Trust Networking; and Identity and Access Management just to name a few. Focusing on driving adoption, managing change, and helping customers learn, Kevin joined Exostar in May 2021 as Director, Sales Engineering.