CMMC August Webinar Graphic

How the DFARS Interim Rule Applies to You Right Now

Wednesday , August 25th
2:00PM - 3:00PM ET

Urgent questions or burning problems?  Contact us!

We hope you'll join us on Wednesday, August 25th as we help you understand how the DFARS Interim applies to you right now. We'll be joined by industry thought-leaders:

  • John Verry, CISO & Managing Partner, Pivot Point Security
  • Scott Armstrong, Senior Director of Cyber Risk, Exostar

Our speakers will cover:

  • Why securing your data matters to you and the DoD,

  • Slow and steady wins the NIST 800-171 to CMMC race:

  • The only thing you can control is your preparation.

  • And most importantly, we'll answer your most burning questions, so make sure to submit them when you register! 
Urgent questions or burning problems?  Contact us!
Profile photo of John Verry

John Verry

John Verry takes his role as “Security Sherpa” (guide) quite seriously, believing that security is a path not a destination; he is committed to helping entities of all sizes and shapes achieve their security goals. He has led hundreds of high-profile security assessments across diverse noteworthy systems in government, telecommunications, critical infrastructure, finance and transportation for over ten years. A frequent speaker on information assurance and the host of Pivot Point's show, The Virtual CISO Podcast, Verry often emphasizes management’s role in controlling information security risk. He frequently shares his expertise on the PPS blog and has authored numerous information assurance white papers and articles.


Scott Armstrong

Scott Armstrong is a executive focused on delivering enterprise software, cyber-security, and SaaS products to market. At Exostar, he is responsible for solutions spanning risk management, CMMC, as well as supply chain illumination. Scott has deep experience developing solutions for vertical markets such as Public Sector and Federal, Healthcare, Aerospace and Defense, and the Critical Infrastructure Industries, with a unique expertise in executing on Government-Industry partnerships and initiatives for market advantages.