Key Discussion Points:

  • Understanding the significance of boundary scoping in CMMC and NIST frameworks.
  • Techniques for accurately defining organizational boundaries and system interconnections.
  • Best practices for identifying and classifying critical assets and data flows within the scope.
  • Implementing robust security controls to protect boundary assets and mitigate potential threats.
  • Case studies and real-world examples illustrating successful boundary scoping implementations.

You will gain valuable insights into aligning your organization's infrastructure with CMMC and NIST guidelines, optimizing security protocols, and streamlining the certification process.

Our Speakers


Kevin Hancock

Kevin Hancock has over 20 years experience in secure collaboration with distributed teams and partners in highly regulated markets. He has led Sales Engineering, Customer Success, and Professional Services Teams across a broad technology spectrum including Agile Development and DevOps tools and practices; Zero Trust Networking; and Identity and Access Management just to name a few. Focusing on driving adoption, managing change, and helping customers learn, Kevin joined Exostar in May 2021 as Director, Sales Engineering.