How to Complete Your Self Assessment, Calculate SPRS Score, and Generate Your SSP & POAMs With Certification Assistant

Wednesday, April 10th
2PM - 3PM ET
Is the challenge of achieving and maintaining NIST/CMMC cybersecurity compliance draining your resources and overwhelming your team? Discover how Certification Assistant can streamline this process, making compliance a seamless part of your business operations without the usual hassle.
In this webinar, you'll learn how you can:
  • Efficiently Complete Self-Assessments: With our guided NIST self-assessment tool, say goodbye to the stress and time-consuming compliance process. Complete your assessment, auto-calculate your SPRS score, and generate SSPs and POA&Ms, all while saving valuable resources.
  • Continuously Achieve and Maintain Compliance: Navigate and efficiently manage the evolving landscape of contractual requirements. Keep your business always prepared, compliant, and confident without worrying about falling behind on CMMC standards.
Did you know that NIST/CMMC compliance is not a one-time task but an ongoing journey, necessitating continuous assessment and updates to align with evolving cybersecurity standards and regulations? Join us to see how Certification Assistant can support your compliance journey and improve your business's efficiency and operation.