Certification Assistant Partner Program (CAPP)

Turn a recommendation into revenue.

Certification Assistant delivers a self-guided, step-by-step platform for streamlining the implementation of controls and policies necessary to complete an accurate CMMC/NIST 800-171 self-assessment. It enables suppliers to understand each control, and the tools, processes, and policies needed to satisfy them in order to achieve full compliance. 

Certification Assistant Partner Program (“CAPP”) is designed for 3rd party consultants, Service Providers, CMMC Assessors, and others who want to assess or verify the self-assessments of Certification Assistant (CA) end customers.

CAPP provides a Certification Assistant Partner tool which allows you to collaborate with your clients and verify their self-assessments through access to:

  • Artifacts/evidence of self-assessment
  • Individual practice/process status
  • Policy documents

With Certification Assistant Partner, you are able to produce assessment reports for clients, with ease.